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Israeli Chamber of Shipping.

The Israeli Chamber of Shipping is an association representing maritime shipping entities operating in Israel, and playing an imporatnt role in the maritime transport, trade and tourism industries.

The chamber is proacive in maritime trade to and from Israel, and in improving the level of service at the ports.

Israel's Port Co. Ltd.

Israel Ports Development & Assets Company Ltd. (IPC) is responsible for the development of Israel's three commercial seaports in Haifa, Ashdod and Eilat and for providing them with the necessary infrastructure which will allow them to efficiently and competitively handle Israel's international maritime trade. In additional to managing some of the country's largest infrastructure development projects, the company acts as Israel's port property landlord, managing the government's assets allocated for the handling of international maritime commerce.

Haifa Port Co. Ltd.

Ashdod Port Co. Ltd.

Eilat Port Co. Ltd.

Israel Shipyards Ltd

Port 2 Port Magazine.

Israeli shipping newspaper.

Israeli Ministry of Transport - Shipping.

Vessel's search in Israeli Ports.

ICL - Israel Chemicals Ltd.

Israel Chemicals Ltd (ICL), one of the world's largest fertilizer companies, provides end-users and manufacturers on five continents with a wide range of high-performance solutions - all from a single source.

Haifa Chemicals Ltd.

Haifa Chemicals Ltd (HCL) is a long established international corporation that produces and markets Specialty Fertilizers, Food Additives and Technical Chemicals.

Decades of activity have turned HCL a world leader, renowned for innovative solutions in all its fields of expertise.

Company operations now span more than 100 countries across 5 continents.

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