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Friday, December 6, 2013

Hello I am Joy Micheal ,I am out here to spreed this good news to the entire world on how I got my ex lover back.I was going crazy when my love left me for another girl last month, But when i meet a friend that introduce me to DR GREAT OSOBA the great messenger to the oracle that he serve,I narrated my problem to DR GREAT OSOBA about how my ex love left me and also how i needed to get a job in a very big company.He only said to me that i have come to the right place were i will be getting my heart desire without any side effect.He told me what i need to do,After it was been done,In the next 2 days,My love called me on the phone and was saying sorry for living me before now and also in the next one week after my love called me to be pleading for forgiveness,I was called for interview in my desired company were i needed to work as the managing director..I am so happy and overwhelmed that i have to tell this to the entire world to contact DR GREAT OSOBA at the following email address and get all your problem solve..No problem is too big for him to solve..Contact him direct on: greatosobaspelltemple@gmail. com. and get your problems solve like me..... ONCE AGAIN HIS EMAIL ADDRESS IS: greatosobaspelltemple@gmail. com

posted by Joy MICHEAL  from United States  on December 06, 2013 3:35

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[ Posted by Alice, December 14, 2015 0:20 ]
     Hi everybody,I won $70,000 two weeks ago in Nsw 6 pool from 38 lottery play.I was introduced to a spell caster a month ago by a colleague who he helped with marriage and financial issues.All what he said and what he promised to do really happened.I guess never believed in magic or spells because i thought they were mostly scam acts or tricksters until i met him,everything changed,it exists but only in the right hands and with it everything is possible.I don't know how to pay him for this but i really hope i can do something important and special for him.. you can aswell contact him (

[ Posted by 06xl2CiLgxjv, December 23, 2015 20:43 ]
     Are you kidding me? His couisn who did everything? I have studied this case, read books and articles Michael killed those dogs with his bare hands, don't kid yourself. Someone that can kill innocent lives of dogs because they will not kill deserves that end for himself. Know the facts before you defend him, how about reading lost dogs Open your eyes to what kind of monster he was. He was making millions and loosing money on dog fighting and still didn't stop. He did it because he enjoyed it. That is just sick. If he wants to redeem himself then he should start with the animals he tortured, abused and neglected. Go earn their trust, put in the time at rescues, get out of all the PR bullshit and really start caring. The coward doesn't care about dogs, he just doesn't want to tell his little girl why they can't have a dog because he kills them! People were so quick to say kill all 50 dogs, they will never change. Rescuers fought months upon months for them. They are still paying the price of what he did everyday some of them. Should he be able to own a dog? NEVER! And try and tell me other wise the things he did to those dogs, the testimony from the grounds keeper and the information that came out around how he killed them, I cried my self to sleep many night only to have nightmares of him.

[ Posted by Nina, November 29, 2016 13:59 ]
     My name is Missy Nina. I do not know how to thank the great Lord Rush for bringing happiness back to my family. i do really wanna tell the whole world that there is a spell caster called Lord Rush that is so real and genuine. I never believed in any of these things but when i lose my husband for 4 years, i required help until i found a great spell caster,and he assured me that I will get my husband back in just 24hours but i was in doubt, and after the spell has been cast, 24 hours later, just as the spell caster said, my phone rang, and surprisingly it was my husband who has not called me for the past 4 years, and he made an apology for the pain he has caused me and he told me that he is ready to come back home for me. Lord Rush really made him know how much i loved and needed him. And he also opened his eyes to picture how much love we have to share together. I will keep sharing this testimony all over the world. All thanks goes to Lord Rush for the good work that he has done for me. Contact him now because he is very powerful and he will always help you. Believe him and do all he ask you to do and never doubt him in any way. or call him 2347035834985

[ Posted by fuckingpussy, January 31, 2017 2:36 ]
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[ Posted by Tracy, July 09, 2017 19:27 ]

[ Posted by mercy, July 18, 2017 6:28 ]

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