Eilat Port.

29.33 N  34.57 E

Eilat Port Map.


Eilat Port was opened in 1957 and serves as Israel's southern gateway to the Far East, South Africa and Australia without having to pass through the Suez Canal, thus avoiding high passage tariffs that increase the cost of shipping. The Port of Eilat is a modern facility with cranes for handling general cargo and containers and automatic loaders for handling phosphates and potash . It has a 12 meter water depth at the quay, and is able to service panamax ships.


The Eilat Port Company Ltd. Received a concession from the State of Israel , effective February 17, 2005 , to operate most of the port's operational facilities for a period of 49 years.


During 2006, 1.9 million tons of cargo were handled at the port.

ISPS Security Levels.

2010 - 1 (One)

2009 - 1 (One)

Load Line Zone: Tropical.

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