Ashdod Port.

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Ashdod Port Map.


Just 40 km. from Tel Aviv, it is the closest to the country’s major commercial centers and highways. Ashdod Port has been operating since 1965 and is one of the few ports in the world built on open sea. Ashdod Port handled around 808,700 TEUs in 2007, an increase of 17% compared to 693,000 TEUs in 2006. The cargo unloaded and loaded in 2007 amounted to 16.2 million tons, an increase of 7.2% compared to around 15 million tons in 2006. The company’s income increased around 12% in 2007 compared to 2006 totaling more than NIS 1 billion.


During 2005,Ashdod Port inaugurated "Eitan Port", the country’s first fully computerized container port, following an investment of around NIS 3 billion. One of the largest infrastructure projects ever undertaken in Israel "Eitan Port", a deep water port, includes a 1,150 m. extension to the main breakwater and 1,700 m. of new quays with water depth up to 15.5 m. It was recently decided to build a rail terminal at "Eitan Port", which will grant access to surrounding industrial centers.


The company’s management has set as a main target implementing a new customer service strategy, which places the customer’s needs at the forefront of the Port’s activities. With this aim the company is about to invest NIS 700 million in equipment and infrastructure over the coming 4 years. The introduction of new, sophisticated technological equipment, expansion of the work force, development of the new docks and other customer service initiatives, have significantly reduced waiting times for ships and increased the outputs . The company has also invested around NIS 10 million in expanding the passenger terminal, which will increase passenger ship transport at Ashdod Port.


Ashdod Port provides customers with a full package of services including logistic services such as:


  • Bringing ships into port and anchorage.
  • Providing full ship services. 
  • Unloading, storage and loading cargoes.
  • Emptying and storage of containers.


Infrastructure for passenger liner anchorage provides top-quality service and handling for passengers and their baggage.


The Port’s vicinity has bonded warehouses, citrus fruit and agricultural produce warehouses, cold storage, a grain silo, container repair and cleaning services. An office complex at the Port’s in land terminal.


‘Eitan Port’ is among the most advanced ports in the world with its $6 million Terminal Operating Systems (TOS). TOS gives Ashdod Port a clear competitive advantage through the efficient and controlled management of the Port.


In addition, a cutting-edge ERP system, GPS for cargo and ship traffic and GIS for mapping and documenting infrastructures have been installed. A central automatic truck gate, using biometric and other devices, is being built.


Ashdod Port has set itself a goal of conducting a dialogue with the environment and protecting the quality of the sea, beaches and air.


The Port strives to increase environmental awareness among its employees, subcontractors and equipment suppliers and gives preference to recyclable products and operates in a manner that minimizes its environmental impact. The Port operates in accordance with the Law for the Prevention of Sea Pollution 1983 and the Law for the Prevention of Sea Pollution for Land Sources 1988.

ISPS Security Levels.

2010 - 1 (One)

2009 - 1 (One)

Load Line Zone: Summer.

Working hours (updated 03/2008):

Sunday - Thursday

1st shift  - 06:30 till 14:30

2nd shift - 15:00 till 22:30

3rd shift - 22:30 till 05:30

Friday and Holiday Eve:

1st shift  - 06:00 till 13:00

2nd shift - 13:00 till 1 hour before holiday evening.


2nd shift - 19:00 till 24:00

3rd shift - 00:00 till 06:00

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