Haifa Port.

32.49 N  35.00E

Haifa Port Map.

Haifa Port is the country's veteran port. It was built by the British in the early 1930's and began operations in October 1933.

The Haifa Port Company Ltd. received a concession from the State of Israel, effective February 17, 2005, to operate most of the port's operational facilities for a period of 49 years.

The port is situated on the southern shore of Haifa Bay. Operational areas are located in the main port and the Kishon port zones.


The main port is protected by the main breakwater 2,826 meters in length. The entrance channel is 183 meters wide and 13.8 meters deep. The main port can safely anchor ships with a maximum draught of 12.5 meters.


The Kishon Port area is protected by two breakwaters, 600 and 350 meters in length. The entrance channel is 80 meters wide and 12 meters deep. Kishon Port operations is limited to vessels with a maximum draught of 9.5 meters.


Haifa Port has total of 6,300 meters of quay length with a maximum water depth of 13.8 m. at the quay container terminal. The port has multi-purpose and specialized terminals equipped with modern equipment for the handling of containers, bulk, chemicals and general cargo as well as a passenger terminal which is linked to the city by an overhead bridge.


During 2006, 21 million tons of cargo were handled by the port.


The port employs 1000 workers.

ISPS Security Levels.

2010 - 1 (One)

2009 - 1 (One)

Load Line Zone: Summer.

Working hours (updated 03/2008):

Sunday - Thursday

1st shift  - 06:30 till 14:30

2nd shift - 15:00 till 22:30

3rd shift - 22:30 till 05:30

Friday and Holiday Eve:

1st shift  - 06:00 till 13:00

2nd shift - 13:00 till 19:00

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